Private Practice: There is a Thief Among Us

Every day hundreds of people will take to the internet and post about how they’ve been ripped off by their doctor, hospital, and insurance company. However, you don’t really read too much about the doctor’s office getting ripped off. Sadly, it’s an all too common... read more

Cigna temporarily banned from new Medicare plans

U.S. regulators have temporarily banned health insurer Cigna from offering certain Medicare plans to new patients after a probe uncovered issues with current offerings. The insurer disclosed late Thursday in a public filing that the U.S. Centers for Medicare... read more

Medical billing company inks $500k false claims settlement

Medical Reimbursement Systems, Inc., which provides billing, coding, compliance and revenue cycle services to hospitals and physician practices, has agreed to pay the federal government $500,000 to resolve allegations it submitted false claims to TRICARE, according to... read more

Prosecutors in settlement over medical billing in New York

Federal prosecutors have announced a settlement with a Massachusetts-based billing company for return of bonuses claimed for medical services in northern New York for military members and families. According to authorities, Medical Reimbursement Systems Inc. will pay... read more

A Medical Billing Code Guide To Holiday Injuries

If tidings of comfort and joy don’t fill your holiday season, take heart in knowing that the new national medical billing system has a code to account for whatever comes your way. This fall, the US health care system adopted what is known as ICD-10: A massive index... read more