Advanced Practice Claims (APC), located in suburban Philadelphia, PA, was born from a partnership between a medical practice administrator, an operations efficiency consultant, a medical billing director, a regulatory affairs specialist, and a web developer. Our common mission is to bring affordable and proven solutions to problems that plague medical practices, specifically lost revenue due to poor billing practices and inefficient office procedures. In other words, we will cut the fat and find the money.

Regardless of your size or specialty, here are just a few reasons you should contact us:

• We are the best, bar none.
• APC is fully based in the United States.
• Our clients have direct access to us, even on our personal cell phones.
• We work with single providers to very large practices to hospitalists.
• You won’t find a service that takes HIPAA more seriously than we do.
• We are so confident in our abilities and your satisfaction, our contracts are month-to-month.
• When our services are no longer required, APC will assist you with transferring all of your data to your new solution.

APC offers a free consultation, so call us at 610-326-4218 or email info@advancedpracticeclaims.com to get the ball rolling on maximizing your revenue. Seriously, what do you have to lose?